Fighting boredom

I was complaining to Harry about how bored I was…and so he asked me, “So what are you going to do about it?” And I thought huh…wow…that’s a great question! I need to do something productive other than shopping or you tubing. I want to do something that’s fun and doesn’t cost a lot of money…but there’s no such thing unless I can amuse myself by just staring at the mirror and talking to myself. Texas is too hot to enjoy nature and exercise and such. That’s the only thing I can for free that’s productive. If anyone can think of something else please inform me.

So here’s a list of things I would be interested in doing:

1) Join a hip-hop class. Yep! I finally will learn how to dance like a normal person…yay! And good exercise. I feel so fat just sitting in front of my computer all day so hopefully this’ll be a good change. And the price isn’t bad as well…64 dollars for a year. One class per week.

2) Play the cello again. I just need to buy a bow since my old bow became infested with moth eggs (shudder). Bow will cost probably 30-70 dollars? Depending on how light and comfortable I want it to be.

3) Cook? I ended up losing my passion for cooking this past year cus nobody in my family eats what I cook and it ends up being thrown away :(. I do wanna try to make gumbo….for some strange reason.

But gumbo requires that I get a dutch oven…and they’re actually pretty darn expensive. :T Maybe I can bake something?

4) Buy a wii game and play it? I just don’t know yet which wii game I’d like to play.



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