Now that I’m done with secondary applications (or at least the ones I have so far)…i’m realllllyyyy bored. Whenever I’m bored, I’m struck by how I have no social life here in Texas….and then I sulk. I am thankful for the friends I have made at church. But I miss the closeness I had with the people in college…i could just barge into someone’s room and chill with them if I wanted to. I talked about it with my coworker today and she said she felt the same way. My coworkers have been a blessing…Idk what i’d do if I was the only technician and I had no one to talk to at work. Recently, we’ve been talking about the Colorado shooting. My coworker also shared that there’s been a murder in her hometown…first one in ten years she says. At these moments I want to share my thoughts about the hope that is in Christ…but I know how they feel about Christians. She says many southern Christians are like the women portrayed in the tv show GCB (Good Christian Bitches)…I can’t help but feel a little twinge of sadness…to think that they see Christ through different people. I have been a little hesitant to bring up Christianity to my coworkers ever since one of the girls shared that she feels pressured to believe. Previously, she would ask me and my other coworker about Christianity…and sometimes we would get into friendly debates. I guess she felt uncomfortable. I realized it’s not about giving the right answers…it’s about touching their need for love and faith. I wasn’t being pushy or belligerent in the arguments though….ah well can’t blame myself can only hope God can move their hearts.

So here I am rambling in my blog cus I am bored. I am too broke to even distract myself with makeup or clothes. I realized how materialistic I’ve become since I moved back to Dallas. Recently, our praise team (who came from Oregon) were talking about how different the culture is in Dallas compared to Portland…how people here seem more materialistic (hopefully not in a mean way). But yeah you know why we are?? Cus we’re so freaking bored~ it’s hot in Texas and there’s nothing else to do except shop.

Maybe I can better spend my time reading a book…I am thinking of reading The Reason for God…but I couldn’t find it in my local barnes and noble. I’ll get around to buying it sometime soon hopefully.

Aaah doesn’t help that I’m bored and I’m antsy about my medical school applications. My application was transmitted to schools in July 6th…so it’s still early for me right??? Hopefully they just haven’t gotten around to reading my application yet……



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