Yes I know it’s been summer since April in Texas but I feel like it’s officially summer because I’m loving the colors that have come out in makeup collections for the summer. Such as:


An Essie nail polish color Bikini so teeny (2 coats) and Revlon whimsical on top (1 coat). I love this combination way better than whimsical by itself. The sparkle in this nail polish gets me so excited…like I’m seeing a sparkly beach.


Oh and I also got Tart Deco via My’s recommendation. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks so yummy and gorgeous.


I initially went to Big Lots to spot out any Philosophy cosmetics for 3 dollars, but unfortunately I did not. I did get two Revlon nail polishes (Demure and Temptress) for two dollars and a soft lip chapstick for a dollar! I was so incredibly amazed. :O


This is a new lip stain that Revlon came out with. You know how I’m a huge fan of Tarte lipsurgences? Well this is definitely a dupe for it! The stain has the similar minty smell. A few of Tarte’s lipsurgence lip lusters dry out my lips like crazy, but the ones I chose from Revlon doesn’t peel my lips at all. I got the colors Rendezvous and Romantic.


Here’s the swatch: left is rendezvous and right is romantic


I’m not liking the changes on this wordpress. I used to be able to rotate my pictures…but idk how anymore :(. Anyways here I am wearing rendezvous. The romantic one is for my sister so I don’t have a picture of it.

I’m loving the new stuff I got in the summer collections of drugstore brands. 🙂


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