Almost a Full Year After Graduation

Wow it’s almost going to be a full year since my college graduation :O. What have I done? WHAT HAVE I DONE SINCE MY GRADUATION??

I went to Korea, took the MCAT, and worked for…SEVEN MONTHS! :O I don’t want to admit that I’ll have to be working to the least a year and seven months until I’m out of this job. I am learning still…learning work etiquettes…learning how to be in the bottom of the hierarchy at the work place. Mel and I agreed though that perhaps being at the bottom will help me be better at the top?

Today’s Bible study was so encouraging. Our teacher today discussed how there’s a season (such as the trial you’re going through) and a God-willed reason for it. Sometimes it’s a fact that’s hard to swallow because you want to be out of the tribulation God has placed you in. But it will pass…and you’ll hopefully understand later why the trial was given to you. Because no good stories happen without conflict. He talked about Joseph had to be sold as a slave by his family only to later be the second most powerful person in Egypt in his time. And Job lost all his possessions and his children only to be blessed by God hundreds times over later on. And recently in my quiet time I’ve read about David early years…how he was basically working for Saul who tried to kill him so many times. He even had to escape and act crazy by drooling all over the place and scratching doors to be free of persecution by Saul. Later on, David becomes one of the most renown King in the Bible. And in all these stories the author is God…and they were just characters in His story. Their trials were only a fraction of the story…and God used it to encourage people like me thousands of years later.

So despite what I’m going through at work…I need to still rejoice and remain steadfast in my faith. Because I know there’s a season for everything…and a reason…though I cannot understand it now.

Now for Frivolous Things…

I’ve gotten my mom into makeup too! I gave her two of my favorite blushes to use: Tarte’s exposed and dollface blush. I like the matte blushes more for work.

Recently my sister got me the…

Naked 2 palette! I’m still in the process of learning how to use eyeshadows.

Success or no?

Found this randomly at the DART station at West End one morning. Anybody missing their cane? haha


2 thoughts on “Almost a Full Year After Graduation

  1. I wish I could see the color more…but the picture doesn’t do your eyes justice. I wanna see some mint green eye shadow!
    Lollll…I would love to know the story behind the cane.
    Here’s one version: After being married for 60 years, a woman finds her 85 year old husband with a 20 something (on a date)..and after she knocks him upside the head with his cane, she throws it into a tree. Wonder how the poor guy got home ;D

  2. Hahahaha that’s a hilarious scenario. That’s some weird things people leave behind in the rail station…like…condoms. O.O Omg i wanted to barf when I saw one the other day

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