Who is my neighbor?

Texas weather has been amazing this week! I love how the daylight hours are getting longer. Waking up to the sunshine and going home from work with some daylight just brighten up my whole day.

This Sunday we learned about the Parable of the Good Samaritan. It’s a parable familiar to everyone who’s grown up Christian. I remember a fantastic Intervarsity small group leader’s bible study we had over this passage. I felt a little saddened just remembering the Bible studies I’ve had with Amber. So although the things we went over today was mostly review I think, it was a good question to remind myself: Who is my neighbor? Jesus calls us to love those who we may think are the farthest from being our neighbor. The Bible study instructor ended by telling everyone to not  just wait to receive compassion and love but show it to others first. To be the good Samaritan. It’s very funny though how the people in my church seem more eager to get to know that newcomers that are white than they try to get to know me. Or maybe it’s just in my head? I’m not sure. I’m not sure if God wants me to stay at this church. All I can do is to try to initiate conversations with others first. And to give love and compassion to others. Apparently they’ll be starting a women’s get together at Starbucks every Wednesday…so I hope this will strengthen the bonds between the women in our bible study.

I ate raita, chicken, picked mangoes, and naan today! 😀

The chicken and raita (Indian yogurt…or in Malayalam…thayer) I made myself :D. It’s not the best presentation (I know) cus I half ate it and I was like…OMG I need to post a picture on my blog! The pickled mangoes and naan I bought at a local Indian supermarket. I’m totally obsessed with Indian food and I want so much to learn it. Indian food is so hard to cook though and so many spices to buy!

I also went on a walk today with my dog and there’s a lot of bird chirping around…I’m assuming they’ve migrated? I was so fascinated by how these birds interact. One jay bird totally dominated these other birds and claimed this tree as his:

There the jay bird stands magnificently on top of his fork-shaped tree. Wish I got a close up but the I did what I could with my cell phone camera.

Can you see the bird in this picture?? It was so cute seeing the bird sing with all its might.

I also did a little splurging this weekend. Old Navy is having a fantastic sale on winter sweaters and long sleeves. I bought a sweater and three long sleeves for 40 dollars. Though they’re not the most stylish clothes I own, I needed some cheap longsleeves I wouldn’t mind wearing at work.

Now onward to studying! I thank the Lord for a rather nice weekend and I pray that He’ll give me strength for work next week >.<


One thought on “Who is my neighbor?

  1. Did you make the chicken in an Indian way, by adding spices? If so, do you remember what you added? I remember we had this conversation about the thayer :)) Before we both get married, we seriously need some indian food cooking lessons.

    I know church hopping is one of the hardest things to do. I did that last semester and I just grew so frustrated, but if I hear about any great churches in the area, I’ll let you know.

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