I’m so blessed to spend my birthday with friends and family. I thank God for the ways He has shown His love to me in my 22 years…and I anticipate the journey God and I will be in together in my 23rd year. πŸ˜€

Gifts came from very unexpected places. For example, a coworker of mine baked cookies on my birthday :D.

And for the past four years I’ve spent my birthday away from family…so my 23rd was unexpectedly different. When I was 18, I was pampered and thought it was expected that I get the best things for my birthday. Now I realize the different ways my family shows their love to me. It’s not just through material things, you know? For example, my mom knows I love purple rice…so on my birthday she made purple rice with seaweed soup (which is traditionally eaten on one’s birthday).

Not that I don’t like getting presents still though :D.Β 

A watch I got from Harry! A lovely surprise gift since I needed a watch that’s water resistant so I can see what time it is at work without taking out my phone.

Of course My knew about my serious makeup addiction right now. So she got this adorable Hello Kitty mon amour eyeshadow/blush palette.

Look at the colors! I was eyeing the celestial collection at shu uemura…and so I love the color collection in this palette! Unfortunately the yellow and green is too light and sheer. And some of the eyeshadows are chalky. But I realized if I put on eyeshadow primer and Maybelline’s color tattoo cream shadow in my eyes as a base, then the colors stay in my eyes with minimal fallouts. The purple and blue shades are my favorite. The blushes are cute and gorgeous. No problem with them. πŸ˜€ The strawberry macaroon blush color is a shimmery light pink while the Rasberry (did they spell this wrong?) macaroon is a barbie pink with shimmer.


I got Exposed tarte blush and received free mini Sugar lip balms since it’s my birthday month. I’ve heard sooo many good things about this Exposed color that I was dying to get it! I haven’t tried this color too much yet, but so far I’m not too happy with it. FOr my skin tone, I feel like it doesn’t show up. Maybe I need to layer a lot? The sugar lip balms are surprisingly good. If the price was cheaper I would get the full size.

I also got the Sephora pink brush collection. Unfortunately the size was smaller than I thought. They’re not necessarily travel size, but I guess I was expecting a large, dense brushes for the price of 60 dollars. The brushes are really soft and gentle on the skin. I haven’t tried using the brushes yet. Maybe I’ll put an update review here when I try them.

And I got a cute Paul Frank pen and bandage set from my friend :D. She’s so sweet….she knew I loved Paul Frank and bought it for me in her travels :D.

And finally, I got a dress from my sister. Can’t show it here cus I’ll be wearing it this weekend to Billy Bob’s!! (most likely) πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

This is more of a post for myself…so if you think I’m bragging…you can skip this entry πŸ˜€



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