Early celebration

I had a very looong week. I must have done 12 PCRs in a period of three days. My dang mice are so fertile and they all decide to get pregnant at the same time I guess! There were four mothers that delivered a total of 30 pups! That’s thirty mice tails I needed to cut tails. This and all the other work I had to do this week had taken a toll on me that I wasn’t able to study for the past three or four days. 1) PCR 2) cutting tails and DNA extraction 3) sacrifice 12 mice 4) go down to the ARC (where we leave our mice) and take care of the mice there 5) blood and organ organization/registration, etc. I’ve never been so stressed out to get migraines but I had a dull migraine in the past two days. I can’t wait until President’s Day!

But today was a fantastic day. Went to eat L.A. Burger in Irving:

This is the kimchi fries my mom actually really loved. I think I liked it…but eventually it got a little bit salty. Loved the idea though! Includes: kimchi, bulgogi, diced onions, cilantro (i Think? ), cheese, and something like kimchi/ barbecue sauce drizzled on top.

This is their L.A. Burger. It includes: patty, eggs (over easy…little runny…which I liked), tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, kimchi (would have preferred more of it actually in the burger), and jalapeño, kimchi/barbecuey sauce….if I remember correctly. It was like one of those coronary bypass burgers from Vortex but I guess this is slightly more healthy and more palatable to Asians? I would have been blown away by this kind of stuff in high school…but since my food adventures in Atlanta were so much more awesome I wasn’t too blown away. I’m really glad to have visited a local restaurant around here that’s NOT a chain with the same, mundane food.

We decided to celebrate my birthday early this weekend so my aunt can celebrate it with us. She bought me a cake from Mozart :D:

Isn’t it so cute?? It’s a sweet potato cake.

Aren’t the bunnies so cute? I hope they’re bunnies…I was taking a picture of this cake with flash but then their eyes turned red, and I suddenly reminded of the rats we’ve been sacrificing these past two weeks…I almost did not eat this cake thinking about it O.O

Side note: The rat females are so much more protective of their young. Even if we look at the rats and their babies the rats freak out! They start piling the hay or nesting paper on top of their babies…as if that will help us forget that it has babies. It’s such a chaotic catastrophe trying to take out one of their babies to sacrifice. THe rat starts picking up each of her babies and frantically wandering around the cage in attempt to find a hiding place for it. One even tried to jump out of the cage. It’s so sad thinking about them :(.

In exactly a week from now I will be at Billy Bob’s Honky Tonk watching the Band Perry with Melissa! Eeek! So excited :D. I’ll be wearing my gorgeous dress my sister got for me for my birthday ;). I also got Exposed blush from Tarte and a Sephora brush collection from my mom as my birthday present :D. I’ll be hopefully trying out that blush along with the dress this coming weekend! I’ll post photos on my blog later : D.

I also bought “The Wind-up Bird Chronicle” by Murakami. Hopefully it’s a good read in the train.

Currently listening to : Lovey-Dovey by T-ARA



One thought on “Early celebration

  1. Mann…I love your posts! I wish I kept up with wordpress as well as you do Jean. Regretting that now, because then I could read these when they are “freshly pressed” and not a month later. So many questions….where to start? MMmm..where’s Mozart and why haven’t I heard you mention it before? Sweet potato cake…YuM! I’m stilll amazed that you work with rats on a daily basis…grl, that’s something I don’t think I’d have the stomach to handle…touching them and working with them. Oddly enough, I’d rather work with a dead body in anatomy lab over that. So, all props to you! Hehe…I might bring up rat eyes next time just to see your reaction 🙂

    Who’s Murakami? Is he a Japanese author?

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