I finished the Help!

I finished reading The Help~! It was such a fantastic book I couldn’t wait to get on the DART train to read it. I’m not an avid reader…but it’s definitely been awhile since I loved a book so much to rave about it.

Next book I want to tackle: my dang MCAT books…reread Desiring God…maybe a Murakami book?

Songs I’m obsessed with these days: Queen of Hearts by Company of Thieves and 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Recent dishes I made: got the recipe from allrecipes. The cookies were okay. I’m not sure whether it was the recipe or my baking skills.

My latest purchase: I decided I’ll update this on my blog so I can be mindful of what I spend my money on. I don’t think I’m off to a good start on my New Year’s resolution of being frugal with my money. I guess I’ve improved only because I have no social life and I have no one to impress here. So I don’t spend money eating out alot or buying new clothes. And I haven’t bought a lot of lip makeup…but I have spent money on make up >.<.

I wanted to do a makeup review today of most of the makeup I own. I was wary of doing this, because I don’t want to encourage myself to buy more makeup products. So I guess I’ll probably do these on rare occasions. I’d like to just share my two-cents on some of the products I bought…good and bad.

Tarte- lights, camera, lashes mascara: When Mel put this mascara on, her lashes were voluminous and long with no clumps! They also naturally curled and it really made her lashes look picture perfect. So I decided that I’d buy it myself. The mascara did lengthen and add volume to my lashes without any clumps. But it didn’t hold up my lash curls that well. I like my Estee Lauder double wear mascara better. I would not recommend this to an Asian girl.

Tarte- Glisten, Dollface, and Blushing Bride blush: I know! I don’t know why I have so many. >.<. The Tarte blushes are amazing! They really do last at least 8 hours in the face. These blushes definitely last a lot longer than the Nars blush I own. Dollface is a pretty soft pink that has a matte finish on the cheeks. I love it! I don’t have to use a light hand to wear this…I can actually layer it on my cheeks which is a plus. The glisten blush is gorgeous as well. I had the Glisten lip luster from Tarte and I loved the color so I decided to try the same color on my cheeks. Glisten is a peachy pink with shimmer. In comparison to the Nars “orgasm” blush, Glisten is more peach whereas Nars is more pink. Plus Nars has lots more shimmer whereas the shimmer in the Glisten is more subtle. And when swatching Glisten and Dollface, Dollface has no shimmer and is more pink than Glisten. However, when I put these on my cheeks…I can’t really tell the color difference. I haven’t put Glisten on alot for me to give a fair comparison yet. BLushing Bride is too purple if you put on too much…and it’s more glittery. I definitely don’t use this with my fingers cus then the color is just too much. I just use my blush brush and lightly put it on…and it ends up looking dark reddish brown on my cheeks. It’s a good wintry color, and I like it cus I’ve never owned a purply-brown blush. However, I think I could live without this color…and I don’t think I would wear it during my wedding day.

Smashbox Blockbuster holiday collection: I got this from my sister as a Christmas present this past year! I thought I would love this since I love Smashbox lipglosses. And the variety of eyeshadow colors has allowed me to experiment with colors and with make-up in general since I’m still a novice at this stuff. I can’t say this for sure cus I don’t know whether I’m just bad with makeup or whether the makeup is bad…but I don’t think I like Smashbox’s eyeshadow. I expected a lot of pigmentation, but they don’t stand out in my Asian skin. And the Smashbox eyeliner is not good for Asian eyes unless you use a primer I believe. Else the eyeliner I placed on top of my eyelids smudges right under my eyes. However, I do love Smashbox’s blush and lipgloss collection! Love them~ the Smashbox blushes last a long time on the face as well. The lipgloss is very moisturizing and nicely pigmented.

Infallible eyeshadow by L’Oreal: I absolutely love them. These eyeshadows are lot more pigmented than the expensive smashbox eyeshadows. And they last an incredibly long time with no fall-outs!

Purity face wash: this face wash is amazing. Eversince I’ve used this face wash I haven’t been getting alot of pimples. And I don’t feel like my face has been sucked dry after using it. Love~

Essie “as gold as it gets” nailcolor: I was attracted by all the gold shimmer in this nail gloss. I like it…like a clear nail polish it gives your nails a nice clean shine to it with an extra pop of glitter. But I’m not sure why I bought it since I don’t even wear alot of nail polishes.


Oh and I also wanted to share recently what I’m doing in the lab. This week and last week our lab has sacrificed some rats that are pregnant. The rats are scarier to handle than mice. They are really strong, especially when they clutch onto something and pull to get away from your grasp. My goodness one rat just jumped out of a cage yesterday!! Thankfully, it rat behind a fridge which was sort of blocked on one side. These rats have pink eyes and white fur. It was so scary to see the rat behind a dark space behind the fridge with its beady eyes narrowed on you. But gently and slowly I moved my hands over to the rat and grabbed its tail. It then started flailing wildly so I immediately shoved it back in its cage and quickly closed it. I’m so glad we don’t work with rats on a daily basis. Anyways we sacrifice the rats and take out the embryo/fetus inside its womb. Around 13.5 days, the fetuses have already formed kidneys and so we use the microscope to retrieve the kidneys out of those tiny fetuses. It’s been interesting even taking the fetuses out of its sacs. It’s like peeling off the outer skin of an onion. It was creepy/cool when I freshly cut open a rat to see the fetus sort of move inside its sac. Poor things. Hopefully it’s for a good cause. It’s so fascinating to see how similar human and rat embryos look. There are some differences obviously. At 12.5 days their tails are long. At 14.5 days they start to form a snout and and conical head. So far that’s the latest sacrifice we’ve made.







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