Sweet and sketchy weekend

What is up with creepy people these days?? This past Friday while I was waiting to switch lines on the train station, I was baffled by one gentlemen. I was doing minding my own business and checking to see if the train was coming. When I glanced at my left I guess the guy believed I was looking at him. He then started pacing around me. Then I saw at the corner of my eye he was rubbing his belly and staring intently at something. So I decided to look at him. And behold! A creepy man with a round belly rubbed his belly and was staring at me. I was really taken aback and honestly quite disgusted.

Episode 2 of major creepiness: I was at Walmart eager to buy the ingredients to make a recipe I was dying to try when this guy asks if he could take a picture of me cus he thought i was pretty. I just automatically said ok cus he was this big guy and he was with another friend. But I came out of that supermarket darting glances left and right to see if anybody was stalking me. I pray to God that I’ll be okay! My goodness I should have said no. This is the problem with people like me who don’t like to say no. What the heck was I thinking?!?! Well I knew it was sketchy from the start but I didn’t have the balls to say no. And now I’m tearing my hair out worrying that this will be bad. Lord protect me!! Next time I will stand up for myself and have some guts.

Anyways here’s the picture of the dish I made today: . It’s by Giada and it’s called Linguine with Shrimp and Lemon Oil. It was a hit in my family! Here’s the recipe:


I made a few changes to her recipe: 1) I changed the arugula to spinach 2) I added the lemon zest into the extra virgin olive oil and let it sit for a couple of hours 3) I added pepper flakes cus my family loves spicy :).

It’s so easy and doable! And when I bought the ingredients at Walmart it was a little over 10 dollars! Can you believe it? 10 dollars and I fed my whole family yummy Italian food.


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