Entry of Pictures

My grandma’s delicious persimmons from our backyard! She peeled the skin off and dried it in the sun. Of course she maintains them by drying them in a netted basket. Most of these persimmons are from my tree. I used to inhale so many persimmons when I was little that they decided to name a tree after me. And it so happens that my tree makes the best persimmons 🙂


My friend Panda and I tried Fuzzy Tacos here in Garland. Not that great though 😦



NOw this place was delicious. Rosa’s Tortilla Factory. Price is reasonable for its portions. I got fajita and Harry got enchiladas. Look how it excited he looks lol


Kimchi fries at a Korean taco place near UT Southwestern

Ooh! Baby birds nestled on our evergreen tree


My attempt to be the next Michelle Phan. Double eyelid tape and fake eyelashes. Not much of a difference eh?

I just wanted to post random I have on my phone…pictures that aren’t that great to post on facebook but are nevertheless memorable to me.



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