My last days at Emory

I want to write down all the crazy things that happened that last week at Emory…

The only final exam I remember really worrying about was my primate psych class. The rest of my finals were really easy. For my ethnomedicine class, I made a poster board about Christian Scientists. English I had a paper/ final exam, and P.E. I had no exam. So yeah…really easy semester. Except I woke up an hour and a half late for my English exam. You know those things you thought would only happen to you in your dreams? Well it happened to me in real life. D: It’s all right though cus my English professor was very nice about it. It all God’s grace.

Since I had a lot of free time I played the wii and the xbox alot with a bunch of ACFers. I’m pretty decent at Halo now. 😛 I’ll miss staying up until 5 am talking to the ACFers. 😦 *Sigh* Only in college can you do that.

The Friday before graduation, Albert, My, Andrew, Harry, and I drove with my car all the way to Tybee Island. It took 4 1/2 hours! Bad thing about the trip was that I got carsick frequently. I hope I didn’t make the trip a drab for others >.<. On the way, we found this Chevron with a sign that specifically said “Clean Restrooms.” And sure ‘nuf, the restrooms were pretty darn clean. People were pretty tired on the way there, because we left for Tybee at around 12am. I tried to stay awake so that I can make sure Andrew wouldn’t fall asleep. After all, he was driving all of us in my car. But surprisingly Andrew stayed awake the whole time and without falter! He’s a trooper.

As we were inching closer to the beach, Andrew was telling me how a lot of scary movies were filmed in Georgia.  I’m not gonna lie…at night, Tybee Island looked pretty creepy. All the stores were barren, mosses were hanging down the palm trees, and the roads weren’t lighted enough. Alas we breathed in a sigh of relief as we got out of the car. Immediately we ran toward the beach. Being there in the dark was both exhilarating and scary. In the darkness, I heard the waves crawling towards the shoreline and underneath my feet I felt the soft sand. Yet I only could see this moving darkness in front of me. It was kinda scary actually. Without the others there I probably would have freaked out. Some of us attempted to sleep on my bamboo mat, but it was too darn cold. We ended up roaming around until the sun rose. It was a beautiful sight to see! The bright, red sun rising in the cloudy sky. Unfortunately, the day was a bit cloudy/rainy when we went. We went to the Breakfast Club ( I believe?) to eat some breakfast after running around the beach. Their pecan pie waffles were really good. It was mix of savory/sweet taste. Really good.

After breakfast, everyone (especially Andrew and My) were pretty pooped out. The only person that actually got a good rest on the ride to Tybee was Harry. Hahaha…he can sleep almost anywhere. At first, Albert, Harry, and I wanted to give Andrew and My time to nap. So we went around the beach and made some cool discoveries of these alien-looking creatures that floated to the shore….jellyfish! They looked quite different from the ones I’ve seen in the Pacific Ocean. Their tentacles weren’t long and their heads were pretty heavy and huge. We poked them and attempted to carry some of them with sticks. I simultaneously screamed and laughed trying to pick up those weirdlings. It started raining, so we all rushed back to the car. Poor My and Andrew were bombarded by us and had to sleep upright. Honestly I don’t think they cared cus they were so tired. Albert, Andrew, and My went all back to sleep and Harry and I decided to kidnap them to Savannah. The moment I saw Paula Dean on the Savannah map I wanted to go! So Harry and I drove 30 minutes and reached our destination. I thought Savannah would be very ghetto, cus I heard from my sister that alot of SCAD students get shot over there. Surprisingly, it was a cute, southern city. Alot of Southern folks with that Vera Bradley fashion walked around the town. I got myself a Paula Dean shotglass. Being such a fun of her home cooking recipes, I decided to reserve lunch at Lady and Sons. Harry and I then roamed around the shops trying to find a flip flop for him. I know…why would someone go to the beach with shoes anyway right? Harry and I had a romantic moment while the others were asleep. We sat at the square to take a breath when I felt that feeling of extreme tiredness. I became a lil cranky when luckily Andrew called me to say that he needed some air in the car. So I went in the car and asked people who were feeling awake to get out. And there I got an hour nap. Then it was time for all of us to eat at Lady and Sons. The restaurant was actually very disappointing. We weren’t that hungry in the first place cus of lack of sleep/ appetite. But still! My goodness I thought it would be a lot better. Paula I love your recipes, but your restaurant needs more of your care.

Then we all went to the ferry riverboat. (I forget which river it was…) The ride was nice and smooth…very conducive to sleep especially for Harry and My >.<. We then drove all the way back to Duluth where we ate at a Korean restaurant around 10:30 pm! I’m reallly really glad we were able to make senior trip to Savannah. But I don’t think I’ll ever do a trip without a stay at a hotel.

The next day my parents came…


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