First blog ever

Usually I’m too lazy to write about myself, but I think this will be an excellent way to keep in touch with my bestest buddies. Thanks Melissa and My for the idea! πŸ˜€

This summer will most likely be filled with studying, studying, and more studying for the MCAT. The more interesting and eventful things will be posted here. For example, Melissa’s graduation was today! πŸ˜€ Congratulations girl! I’m glad I was able to join in the celebration!

Manju’s parents were gracious enough to let me ride with them to Waco yesterday. Her parents bought Subway for Blessy and me. Manju lived in a very cute apartment off campus. Her apartment was filled with pictures of family and friends. After the long but exciting graduation ceremony Manju’s parents took all of us to Applebee’s. I got Tomato basil soup with a Applebee Reuben. Congrats to Manju for getting a neuroscience degree! πŸ˜€

Melissa then kidnapped me to go eat froyo at Three Spoons. Their froyo was pretty good. It had cheesecake topping, which I never had in a froyo before. Afterwards Melissa, Manju, and I met up at Common Grounds for some coffee. I got the 254, which basically has Dr. Pepper, Italian soda, vanilla, and cherry I believe? It was pretty darn good. Their Cowboy coffee is realllly good as well. Sweet but delicious! Baylor kids are lucky and get to listen to singers such as Civil Wars and Shawn McDonald at Common Ground. We also walked around their campus as they reminisced about their college years. Manju and I went back to Mel’s place and helped her clean her dorm. Surprisingly alot of stuff came out of her little room! It always happens that way I guess. Mel had some amazing staying-up ability I must say. She was scrubbin and cleanin until 5:30 and woke up at 6:15. She even had time to show me around the chapel and library in the Brooks dorm. Brooks college is absolutely beautiful. I’m glad she was able to enjoy her time in college in such a marvelous place that encouraged community with God and others.

Melissa fretted that her hair was too poofy, but she looked really cute. We grabbed some Cliff bars and coffee before we headed out to the ceremony. I wore the same outfit I wore to Manju’s ceremony, cus I didn’t change at all. Isn’t that nice? No time no time. I only had three hours of sleep as well o.O. But yeah Mel was definitely a trooper. Congrats Mel! The church members from her Dallas church came as well! They were so sweet. All of them helped Melissa move out. After moving out, Melissa, her friend Arjun (?), and I went to a Mexican restaurant. We then went to Spice Village where I bought a surprise for Andrew and Suni. πŸ˜€ I also got this beautiful scarf that I’m either giving to my cousin in Korea or my mom. Anyways Waco had pretty surprising stuff for a small town :P.

I will reflect on my own graduation tomorrow. But yeah congrats again to the Baylor Bear graduates! πŸ˜€

P.S. I tried baking the Heath cookies My made at Emory but they failed miserably. Me and baking don’t get along. D:


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